Christian Swords
"Sword of the Spirit"®

Max Greiner, Jr., a Texas sculptor and artist created a Christian sword called the "Sword of the Spirit"®. This "Jesus Sword" represents the living Word of God. The artist believes this copyrighted and trademarked sword composition was given to him by the Holy Spirit in a "vision", which occurred on June 8, 1998, at his art studio in Kerrville, TX. This "vision" depicted a life-size sculpture of Jesus Christ returning in glory on a white stallion (Revelation 19:11). Max would go on to create a 105% life-size, 18' tall, 5,000 lb. bronze sculpture over the next three years, which he called "The Coming King"®.

In 2009, the artist made his historically unique sword available as a "stand alone" sculpture. The fully functional 57" carbon steel sword was made according to Max's specifications by Atlanta Cutlery, the company that has created swords for the United States Marine Corp and most Hollywood movies.



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